Recently I revised my bio. I used to list out aspects of my identity, my areas of research, and of course all my publications. Because these listed together somehow tell you who I am. And what I’ve achieved. As if those are the same thing. Now I say what I do. Mimi Khúc is a writer, scholar, and teacher of things unwell.

Sometimes I add that I am a mother. And a daughter. But not that kind of mother and not that kind of daughter.

And on the best days, the days that I really feel able to stand without the help of credentials and achievements, I say I am a thinker and a feeler.


I think and feel for a living--I think and feel as if my life depends on it, I think and feel because my life does depend on it. And the things I think and feel most about are the structural conditions of living and dying, manifestations of power and violence, the dance of agency in the face of unbearable vulnerability to violence. What hurts? And how do we go on living while it hurts?

To call myself an expert on suffering is ridiculous. But I am committed to being its witness as fully as I can, if nothing else.

I am a writer, scholar, and teacher of things unwell. Some of the unwellness I've thought and felt about--and have asked others to think and feel about--so far on this journey include those along vectors of race+racism, gender, sexuality, religion, war, displacement+migration, ability+capacity, and contingency. 

And my hope in this work of thinking and feeling together is that we all find meaningful ways to move through the unwellness of our lives.